Tuesday, September 18, 2012

3rd generation Intel i5 or 2nd generation Intel i7 CPU?


I am building a new PC. I am confused between generations of Intel i series processors. Is i5 3rd generation in anyway better then i7 2nd generation?

Some of the 3rd generation Intel i5 CPU are better than 2nd generation i7. It also depends on Clock rate. A very slow clocked 3rd gen i5 will be slower than a very high clocked 2nd gen i7. Also depends if it is 2 core or 4 core. Quad core is better than Dual core.

Intel Core i5-3550, Intel Core i5-2550K are best i5 CPU for gaming. They are better than Intel Core i7-930 , Intel Core i7-860 , Intel Core i7-920 .

BUT Intel Core i7-3930K, Intel Core i7-3820 , Intel Core i7-980X are better than any generation i5 processors.


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