Sunday, June 5, 2011

XIII PC Cheats and Walkthroughs




When in-game, just press F2.
When the box pops up, type the following for cheats.

Cheat -Effect
healme 100 -Heal for 100 HP
maxammo -Max out ammo
healme x -substitute x for desired number
playersonly -All other players are frozen. You are the only on who is able to move.
flowerpower 1 -Turns blood into flowers.
quit -End game.
superdeform -Give enimies big arms, feet, etc, with small bodies.
suicide -Kill yourself.

Missions List

1.01) Brighton Beach
1.02) Winslow Bank
1.03) FBI
1.04) Major Jones
1.05) Emerald Base Bridge
1.06) Emerald Base Roof
1.07) Carrington's Cell
1.08) Cable-Car Station
1.09) Cable Car
1.10) Kellownee Lake
1.11) Kellownee Hideout
1.12) Plain Rock
1.13) Doc Johansson
1.14) Canyon
1.15) Canyon (Continued)
1.16) Sewage
1.17) SPADS Camp
1.18) MacCall
1.19) Submarine Base
1.20) Submarine
1.21) Sabotage
1.22) Quay 33
1.23) Bristol Suites Hotel
1.24) Sanctuary Garden
1.25) Sanctuary Hall
1.26) Sanctuary Crypt
1.27) Sanctuary Cliff
1.28) SSH1 Base Admission
1.29) SSH1 Trap
1.30) Total Red
1.31) SSH1 Final
1.32) Lady Bee


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