Monday, June 6, 2011

Prince of Persia 4 PC (2008) Cheats and Walkthroughs



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Unlockable................How to Unlock

Assassins Creed Altair Skin.........At the Choose Skin Manager, Enter Passcode 13372805

Sands of Time Skins ..........At the Choose Skin Manager, Enter Passcode 52585854

Prototype Prince Skin & Prototype Elika Skin.............Collect the 1001 light seed after beating the final boss

Jade Skin......... Beat the game once

  • Foreword
    Prologue - Into the Storm
    King's Gate - Ruined Citadel
    The Cauldron - The Vale
    The Cavern - Royal Palace
    City Gate - City of Light
    Tower of Ahriman - City of Light
    Sun Temple - Ruined Citadel
    The Windmills - Ruined Citadel
    Machinery Ground - The Vale
    Queen's Tower - City of Light
    City of Light - City of Light
    Tower of Ormazd - City of Light
    Warrior's Fortress - City of Light
    Royal Spire - Royal Palace
    Construction Yard - The Vale
    Royal Gardens - Royal Palace
    Martyr's Tower - Ruined Citadel
    Reservoir - The Vale
    Spire of Dreams - Royal Palace
    Marshalling Ground - Ruined Citadel
    Hunter's Lair - Ruined Citadel
    Heaven's Stair - The Vale
    The Observatory - The Vale
    Coronation Hall - Royal Palace
    The Palace Rooms - Royal Palace
    The Temple - The Final Battle
    The Epilogue - Out of The Storm


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