Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Cheats and Walkthroughs



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Edit the shortcut to the game so it reads the following:
''C:LOCATION OF GAMEmohaa.exe'' +set developer 1 +set ui_console 1 +set cheats 1 +set thereisnomonkey 1

Start game and press '~' to bring console. Then type following cheats.

Cheat ---Effect

wuss ---Gives All Weapons
dog ---God Mode
fullheal ---Heal Player
notarget ---Removes Target
noclip ---No Clipping
listinventory ---List of Player's Inventory
tele x y z ---Teleport to Location (X Y Z are coordinates)
coord ---Prints out current location and angles
health ---Set current health
kill ---Kills player

Weapon Cheats

Bring console. Press "~"

First enter following
Give models/weapons/'weapon cheat'.tik

Replace 'weapon cheat' with the code desired

"Give" will add weapon to inventory
"Spawn" will spawn the weapon on the ground allowing you to pick up ammo

Cheat ...Effect
colt45 ...Colt 45
m2frag_grenade ...Frag Grenade
p38 ...Walther P38
steilhandgranate ...Steilhandgranate
m1_garand ...M1 Garand
kar98 ...Mauser KAR 98K
shotgun ...Shotgun
bazooka ...Bazooka
panzerschreck ...Panzerschreck
bar ...BAR
mp44 ...Stg 44
thompsomsmg ...Thompson
mp40 ...MP40
springfield ...Springfield '03 Sniper
kar98sniper ...KAR 98 Sniper

Secret Level

In the main menu, bring down the console, and type maplist, you will get a list of levels from the game, in it, there is a file called m4l0.bsp, double click on it to open a secret level.


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